Stop Stroud council from building 12,800 houses!

Stop Stroud council from building 12,800 houses!

Stroud council is my constituency in the beautiful Cotswold and is surrounded by natural beauty. But somehow my council thinks it’s fine to build on the last greenfields we have left. Where I live in Hardwicke was known for its small community little village like. However, since these times has progressed and the developers progressed. The council comes to politically correct and wants to appease the government.

well we are standing up for the countryside for future generations. You can back my campaign by the following:

My council wants to go ahead with plans to build 12,800 houses and building on Greenland.

I am writing to you to support my cause by emailing them. Building will damage community cohesion and we will lose our identity and be divided!

Council email is the following:

Please email me what you send so I can thanks you when we accomplish change! is my email 

im not the only person to have emailed we’ve had over 15 people from all up the country and they believe it’s detrimental if the coucil goes ahead. They have not consulted the people. The conservatives for Stroud is against. This will rob communities of there identity and will lead to damaging community cohesion. We have emailed the local plan and so when we get a reply we will update to all you brilliant followers.

but in order to spread out mews please go home and donate £5 and more as the company who I work alongside will reinvest into the brillian website and advertisement!



I am Lee Sibley campaigner to ban Homework and have started a petition calling for the countryside to be protected. I think it’s disgusting that you want to build 12,800 this is putting small communities losing their identity as they will grow and the people within it will feel divided.

It’s also an bad idea as it will be catastrophic for the Stroud community and we will lose our identity for our valleys which we are renowned for. And then we are the ones who have to answer to our future generations as you have made the mistake.
I have many times contacted Stroud MP David Drew who’s said he agrees but never does anything to help or support or put it into action.
This plan will not cause peace and harmony in fact it will damage community cohesion and this is why it’s so absurd that you are willing to put these blueprints forward. Think we are not sustainable. I feel it’s fastly disappearing and others who have got in connected with. I enjoy going for bike rides but what happens the developers move in and your speacial place has gone and feel powerless as I’ve contacted many times you and the government and no reply.
If you really care about the environment and the creatures within you wouldn’t go ahead. There’s plenty of brownfield sites which you can develop on. We need to stop any Greenland being destroyed and have proof for this. As you can see it’s close to my heart and so be grateful if you could put the decision forward that we must make a law to protect all the Greenland and fields, farms in Stroud then we can say we have stood up for the environment and future generations. As we know countryside disappearing dramatically. Communities are being torn apart. Small towns are growing people feel like losing their identities. By building more will mean more pollution and blockage especially when there’s floods as the soil cannot soak the water up.
Buildings 680 extra homes in Stonehouse will cause them losing identities. There’s already development going on so more people will feel divided. 935 in Cam see it’s rapidly going up. 150 in Minchinhampton this is utterly disrespectful to our nature and not preserving for future. There’s no sustainability for farms as they will after years taken of farmers so once again councils can take more control. What happens when the damage is done. Well there’s no going back!
There are also 5,000 in Sharpness for proposal. Once again we are not thinking environment. Your only thinking about the economy. Trust me once the damage has been caused there’s no going back. Also, want to build near slimbridge once again people feels this will damage our natural beauty. Stroud is widely renowned for the Beaty spots but this is disappearing.

Cllr Haydn Jones said: “Conservatives want the right homes in the right place and believe that build numbers proposed for Cam and Stonehouse could be damaging.

“A large new settlement at Wisloe is completely out of place.” I completely agree it’s our of place and it will be damaging and so if there were an election the electorates would vote for UKIP/ Conservatives as people are feeling betrayed.

Please do not go ahead With the building I could write more but keeping it short. And it be great if put proposal for a law to protect the fields and what we have left in Stroud. Then we can say we have had an impact and imporoved lives!

Your sincerely,

Lee Sibley
Dear Madam/Sir
My good friend, Lee Sibley, has recently emailed you about his campaigning work for the protection of the countryside.  He is most concerned about the latest plan to build 12,800 homes.
He feels that this is will result in loss of identity for the nearby small communities, destroy the local environment and wildlife, have a negative effect on tourism and contribute to climate change and flooding in the area.
Surely there are plenty of brownfield sites which you could develop on. We need to stop the further destruction of our countryside so he, and I, are asking that you support his request to make a law to protect the fields and farms in Stroud for future generations.
The short term economic gains should not take precedence over the preservation of our diminishing countryside and so I join with Lee in asking you to think again and to act to protect the natural beauty of the Stroud environment.
Your faithfully
Jane Delan
There’s more emails but this is an example so please email then and send to!
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I am 16 years of age and have been seen in international media for banning homework and also seen campaigning for the countryside. Have also gone to ukip events on Brexit!

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